It would be interesting to learn the number of approved loans and the total volume for these in the 757.  A call to the local Congresswoman provided no results.  Does anyone have a solid a reliable resource of this information? 
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Zack Miller ZackMillerSays
Not exactly what you are looking for, but close + it is for PPP not EIDL in the pic.

Any reason why you want to know?

Loans Report for US EIDL

VA PPP Loans.jpg 
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Got it! My misunderstanding as both programs are presently open for small business. I withdraw my questions as this website is restricted to PPP.


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Amy Jordan ajordan
Al, are you looking for the number of EIDL's issued for the Virginia or the Region?  I have not seen the number broken down regionally but here is the SBA's report as of May 8. Virginia has had 65,449  in EIDL applications and $232,248,000 in funding. Currently the program is only open for Agriculture.
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