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We know information is at a premium right now. So, in an effort to get as much to you as fast as possible, we’ve put together the following findings from the first 330 survey responses. Please keep in mind that these results are just a first glimpse right now. Hundreds more have added their voices, and we’re working diligently to incorporate that data as we speak. If you haven’t added your thoughts yet, please do so now.

Download The Survey Report Here (PDF)
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Steve Harrison Steve
This report has some very insightful information.  The fact that so many businesses envision a long term economic impact tells us even more why we need to learn from these experts and chart a new path forward together. 
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Thanks for putting out the survey results so quickly! The breakout information is fascinating (such as how younger businesses are more likely to have closed entirely), and it's so valuable to document the disruptions that have already happened. Were there enough responses to gauge if industry is a variable to disruption? 

My initial assumptions were that the adaptability of a business to "change our business model" would mitigate some disruptions or negative effects (and there is a slight increase in workforce maintenance represented on p. 30). While the crisis is certainly having negative effects, it will be interesting to see where and how those new models shift our work-- I appreciate the follow-up question on future changes (p. 42), as new innovations give us optimists something to grasp at! 🙂 
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