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Good Afternoon Ladies and Gents:

Attached you will find two files for your information and reading pleasure. Book 1 contains a synopsis of all P3 Loans made to regional small business owners. Some explanation points:


o The listing is by city. Consequently counties in the Greater Williamsburg area and Isle of Wight/Franklin area will have to figure out the jurisdiction for the recipient.
o Any blank spaces = 0.
o The information listed is what was provided to the SBA. Couple this selective disclosure of information with data entry errors and you can imagine the “dog’s breakfast” I have been navigating the past couple of days.
o We have no identifying information as to the recipients of these loans
o Once again, listed by city.
o While here we have contact information, Company Name and Address, we do not have an exact amount of what was received.

Of particular note is the sheer volume of activity for both the high and low end of the spectrum and the number of jobs that small business owners said that they were able to retain.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.


Jim xlsx Book1 (7-13).xlsx     xlsx Book 2 (7-13).xlsx     
Jim Carroll
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