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Q: Zack, it's 2K20, what should I be doing?

A1: Do something with a cadence, or frequency. Think about the way you consume tv (or used to, you cord cutter!). 8:00PM Wednesdays on FOX you tune in to your fave show, The Masked Singer. Do that for your media. Or the ZMS weekly email at 10:13AM EST. Use the ‘when to tune in to your content’ in your marketing. 

A2: Do not start a podcast. That world is way over cluttered. Instead, focusing getting on otherz podcast.

A3: The Ironman Content Strategy. Dissect the content that you enjoy and consume and use that strategy in your media/marketing not what some 'guru' says. AKA, what content do you consume? Maybe it’s the WWE or Ironman triathlon training content. How is that creator gaining new followers, likes, subscribes, engagement, etc. Start pulling in some of their concepts and ideas around your content/media. I mean, if it convinced you to tune in, it likely will get someone else too. So, dissect what you consume. 

A4: Get offline. Pick up the phone and call someone. Physically calling someone is the new (old) thing.

A5: Facebook is spending some major dollaz on their group's feature. If you are not active in some FB Groups, you should be. You don't have to start your own, but def get active and engage on at least two starting now. You could join the Anomaly Nation FB Group. 🙂

A6: Follow @ZackMillerSays. duh #zackmillersays #justdoit

☮️+ 🥞,

Zack Miller

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