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@Erik J. Olson@Erik J. Olson@Erik J. Olson@Erik J. Olson and I run a digital marketing agency called Array Digital. We quickly learned that clients in certain industries were hit hard and fast. That meant the same for us. Luckily, we do not niche and we have a diverse set of clients. 

So we lost a good bit of revenue overnight, but it was not enough to cripple us. 

Some things we did right away:
  • Immediately shifted to working from home
  • Cut back on software that wasn't essential to our operations
  • Cut monthly award bonuses for staff (kudos based rewards)
  • Cut company lunches
  • Started to put a focus on industries that are doing well
  • Put together a special offer (one month free) for new clients that sign with us now
  • Got proactive for applying for PPP and got funding fairly quick
Share what changes you have made to pivot or adapt do to COVID-19.
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Zack Miller ZackMillerSays
Look back at the middle of March, people and businesses were freaking out on day 1. I get it, there were (and still are) a ton of unknowns, but I have always been a believer in being ready for a challenge before the challenge arrives. 

1. I didn't use the language around Covid19 or Coronavirus. Why? Because, I believed and still do, that this too will soon pass. Which means I wanted to create material that was "crisis" focused and evergreen. When a hurricane or snow storm approaches or a sequester, the same plan is implemented each time. Yes this "crisis" is deeper and different, but you have a baseline to look at, yet many simply forgot that they already had a plan in place for this. 

2. Helped people. I always do that. I called, texted, messaged, tik tok'd (okay I didn't tik tok someone) and provided them with a path to help. Maybe, it was like you said Kevin with PPP loans. I told businesses to apply and to hound their banks until they got the cash. 

3. Do not over consume media. And by media I do not just mean traditional tv, radio and paper journalism. I mean all media that can be detrimental to your positivity. Your friends posts online. Podcasts that are negative, etc. If you consume more than 20 minutes of the same content it's going to start recycling back into you, meaning it could begin to form a self-fulfilling prophecy. Media companies create content in roughly 20 minute waves, think of when you're driving and the same song starts playing after 21 minutes. This is because most tune in and out because they are doing other things, like getting out of their car, going to work, to a friends, etc, but it you continue to listen over and over, it begins to "threaten" you more. Be safe and smart, yes, but don't stop focusing on your goals in your business in life. No one ever said you couldn't go after it. So, go after it. 

A lot of this goes back to your business principles, sure there is a "crisis" going on, but I'm certain you have the principles in your pocket and know what to do, you just don't reflect back on those from the past. Stop. Breathe. and take a look back in time. Your principles are there. 

If you need help or don't know what to do call me. Call @Kevin Daisey. Call someone who can help. 
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