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I know that many business owners, as well as employee schedules, have been affected by the current situation.  Some business have reverted to a smaller staff, some have scaled back operations, and many employee's have also seen hours cut or changes in bi-weekly/monthly salary due to these adjustments.  I have also seen colleagues who have adapted to working remotely because of this issue. 

My business primarily focuses on supporting small business owners, real estate professionals, as well as creative one man operations with a layer of promotional media to help engage new business relationships.  (tech marketing/advertising) However, I have quite a few computers and even printers available for use.  I was wondering if some of you who have seen these kinds of changes could see it useful to being able contract some of these services to help better manage your business. 

In short, could new and existing companies benefit from things like discounted services on collateral print, web services, social media promotion/advertising, and graphic design.
Also wondering if services would be more financially viable if done by a third party company? Especially if these things are secondary in nature to the companies primary objective. (or service offering)

Organik would be happy to offer an additional 25% off of these services to any struggling business owners who could use help in these area's.  My intention here is not to advertise myself, but to help any businesses who really need this kind of support now. I was thinking it could be helpful to any businesses who have had issues regarding staffing changes, layoffs, and scaling back.

Initially I thought about opening up a home based co-working space that would offer these same benefits to new businesses, as well startups looking for help entering the marketplace.  I since held off on this concept because I wanted to find out a little more about what is needed right now, and how I can help.  I would love to hear your thoughts on this, and if you think this would be helpful to our community. Thank you for your time. 


Michael H. 

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