Hard to identify how I am listed, which affects what to apply for.
For tax purposes, I file as a sole proprietor, with an EIN number, however, I have received 1099's on occasion. How does this affect me if I were to apply for "unemployment" as a Contractor?  My question is: What's the difference of being "self-employed" as opposed to a contractor or sole proprietor? 
Applied for a PPP loan and EIDL loan but on hold now with a lack of funding. Not sure where to go next and if I CAN file for unemployment?

Thank you.
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Hi Interiors, 

I moved your question to the General Discussion thread in order to keep things tidy. If you like to pose this question to today's expert, William Furr, please copy and paste you question into his forum thread. He'll be by between 1PM and 2 PM today to answer it. You can find the thread here:

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